Landslide – Geoengineering, Climate Change… and Winter

Landslide – Geoengineering, Climate Change… and Winter

Bonfire, hosting tonight’s show, says “I’d like to spend time on geoengineering and especially, because it is just so yummy, Solar Radiation Management.  Also, WHAT?!, the desertification of Syria because of WHAT?!  Climate Change – really!?  Or maybe weather warfare?  Y’ think?  Also, the psychic impacts of watching the Sky being stolen almost every day… and globally.  The cringe of watching death play tic-tac-toe on the once-blue.

I also have a couple of (short, don’t panic!) poems.  Many reflections on WINTER and on feral cats.  And on winter.  Did I mention winter?  And its impacts?  Faces of the guards-assailants at Attica in 2011.  Faces of heroin addicts (teenagers).  My AHHHHpera.  “The Rift”.  Turns: Realizing one’s “turn” is over.  Realizing one must turn toward death (reading obituaries).  And the glory of laughter. Big, deep, rolling, rollicking, roiling laughter.  That oughta keep us busy, eh?”  Yes, I think so!

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