Bridges Programming – Talking with “Ecological Designer” Jim Bell

Bridges Programming – Talking with “Ecological Designer” Jim Bell

Blue84x100We will be talking with ‘ecological designer’, Jim Bell. The following statement, in his own words, can be found on his website,

We are astronauts on Spaceship Earth.

Like any well-designed spaceship, ours has a life support system. Our planet’s life support system is a solar powered recycling system. In this system the Sun provides the energy to recycle and renew the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and everything we want or care about.

Our planet’s life support system is fundamental to everything we are and will ever be. It is the foundation of all history, culture, art, science, religion, and even the very process of consciousness becoming.

If our human family doesn’t develop life support sustaining ways to live and make livings soon, our planet’s life support system will collapse with much suffering and regret along the way.

I believe we can completely avoid this calamity. I believe we can create economies and ways of life that are fair, just, respectful, humane, prosperous, and completely life support sustaining.

All that’s required is that enough of us work together to make it happen. When good people come together, the only limit is our imagination and consciousness. And ultimately there is no limit to that.

I committed to taking a leadership role in this effort. I invite you to join me. We’ll all feel better, and our children and future generations will thank us. Jim Bell

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