Bridges Programming – Everybody is talking about it… Greece

Bridges Programming – Everybody is talking about it… Greece

So, what do you think Greece should do about their economic woes? Maybe they were happier when they did not use the EURO. It may not be such a wonderful thing to ‘play with the big dogs’. So much advice is being sent their way… digital money, print up EUROs, go back to the Drachma… I guess nobody is thinking about ‘Jubilee’? Maybe the Greek people should vote, (now that democracy has been extended to women), for real, one person, one vote – with real choices. And what would those choices be?

We are in the process of taking Bridges Programming to Google Hangouts only. You can find us at ‘hangouts on air, bridges programming’ or on our website, Hope you will follow us…Our blog talk broadcasts will continue for awhile until we get all the technical stuff figured out then we will close our blog talk account.

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