Bridges Programming – Bonfire GEO Engineering

Bridges Programming – Bonfire GEO Engineering

In this edition of Landslide, Bonfire  will spend the first hour with Dane Wigington, lead researcher at They’ll define geoengineering and, in particular, the technique known as Solar Radiation Management. What are its effects on fundamental Life Processes such as photosynthesis, absorption of Vitamin D and on the  rise in diseases such as asthma, autism, and Alzheimer’s? What is “Global Geoengineering Governance”? And, by its own admission, why does the Pentagon intend to “Own the Weather” by 2025 (or sooner… like… now!)?  What are the military uses of the atmosphere, including HAARP (the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program)? Why are these programs which are so visible in the Sky… so well hidden…from human consciousness… and… further… “obscured” by willful ignorance?

In her second hour Bonfire will further address the phenomenon of “things we cannot/will-not talk about”.  And she’ll be funny and delightful, as needed, to find a balance as we teeter on the edge.

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