World Call In

World Call In

Dennis, Jeff and Susan discuss the probability that there is Life, beyond Earth, in the Universe.  How smart were we 2,000 years ago?  Or 4,000 years Before Christ (B.C.)?  Yes, we’ve come a LONG way in just the last 200 years − when we were just riding horses − to today, when we have cars, airplanes, and spaceships.  Now, just think how long our universe has existed.  It started with the Big Bang about 14 billion years ago.  Now compare that number to how young human beings are on our planet, the Earth.

Astronomer Bob Berman confirmed that our Milky Way Galaxy contains 400 billion stars, including our own star, the Sun.  NASA is now able to detect other planets, like this planet Earth, revolving around those other stars.  Furthermore, our Milky Way Galaxy is one of a hundred billion galaxies.  Where does the TRUTH lie?  The laws of probability suggest there is Life, beyond Earth, in the Universe.  Just imagine a planet way out there with creatures living there MUCH longer than we’ve controlled this planet.  Instead of 6,000 years evolving on our planet, imagine residents of older planets over the last 14 billion years.

They could have gone WAY beyond planes & spaceships like ours.  They could have even visited our planet thousands of years ago.  Imagine if they were hoping to move to a better planet, had they hurt their own planet with problems like climate change or global warming.  They could have landed on our planet thousands of years ago hoping to relocate here but our atmosphere may have been much different than their’s.  If we didn’t have the right amount of nitrogen, helium, or oxygen for them, they couldn’t take off their spacesuits and breath our air.  Of course, before they went back up into space, they could have been Godly enough to bring our planet beyond homo erectus (apes, chimpanzees, orangutans, etc.) to homo sapiens (we the people).


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