World Beyond Belief – Welcomes back Ole Dammegard

World Beyond Belief – Welcomes back Ole Dammegard

In episode 132, we welcome back Ole Dammegard to the World Beyond Belief, a person we always find informative, enlightening and inspirational.  On this broadcast, Ole shares some of his vast expertise in media and investigating public assassinations and false flags, and sheds light on some of the more recent cabal productions including the Charlie Hebdo case (which he breaks down in some depth), the Ottawa shooting, the case of the Sidney Sheik, the Sandy Hook hoax, and many others.

He sees all of these cases as being staged using a general template for creating false flags and psy-ops – which are used around the world to produce mayhem and allow the controllers to enact restrictive legislation and bring in the police state.  As usual Ole emphasizes that we must always remain in Love and stay out of the fear reaction that these staged events are designed to engender.

The World Beyond Belief is hosted by Paul Marko, Ph.D., and Mindy Urken.  Please visit us at  For more of Ole Dammegard’s work please visit:  We encourage you to support Ole’s continued research on behalf of all humanity by buying his books or making a donation.


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