World Beyond Belief – Interviews Jan Wallace on Health

World Beyond Belief – Interviews Jan Wallace on Health

This week WBB interviews an incredible healer and health advocate, Jan Wallace.  Jan discusses the use of MMS in healing and using it in combination with DMSO to achieve remarkable results.  These incredible substances seem to be the answer to many health problems plaguing the planet.

We also discuss the impending trial of Daniel Smith for distributing MMS, a legal substance that has been helpful to many in overcoming many problems, including malaria, Ebola, cancer and many others.  The reality is that MMS is a threat to the allopathic medical racket throughout the world in that it could threaten many enormously profitable business models, including the one for cancer, which produces as much as one half a trillion dollars a year for the pharmaceutical cartel.

For an extensive list of resources for more iinformation on all the topics we discuss on the show please see The World Beyond Belief shownotes on our blog, PineConeUtopia.

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