The World Beyond Belief – Episode 140 – Jade Helm – Deeper and Darker

The World Beyond Belief – Episode 140 – Jade Helm – Deeper and Darker

This week we delve deeper into the mysteries of the control system’s maneuver called Jade Helm, by listening to two trusted sources, Max Igan and Jim Fetzer. During the first hour, we listen to Max explain some information that he obtained from a banker friend. This information must get out to as many people as possible. Everyone must be alerted to this prediction. In the second hour an equally revealing interview with the Real Deal’s Jim Fetzer puts this maneuver in proper context with the some other American false flags. He elucidates some revealing new information, so stay tuned for the whole broadcast. The aggregate of this information will take some absorbing and some reflection time to grasp the overwhelming significance of what is occurring. Keep the faith, we are all magnificent human beings bound for glory.

The World Beyond Belief is hosted by Dr Paul Marko, author of Belief Magic: Decoding the Belief Matrix. Pick up a copy today, free your mind and the rest will follow….Visit our new blog and our YouTube channel for more from us. Thanks for tuning in!

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