Sunday on the Front Stoop – What Is a Green Airport?

Sunday on the Front Stoop – What Is a Green Airport?

This morning we talk to pilots Grazia Zanin and Max Shauck about green airports.  Max and Grazia made history in 1989 when they flew across the Atlantic Ocean using ethanol fuel.  They were awarded the Harman trophy for this accomplishment.  They are lifelong advocates of renewable energy and, in particular, the benefits of ethanol fuel in airplanes.

Commercial airlines are at this time using diesel fuel.  Ethanol is a clean burning aviation fuel.  Max and Grazia want to build a “green airport’ where, for one thing, pilots will be trained in planes that use ethanol. They will describe for us the full picture of what is involved in building a “green airport” and the reasons why it is important to transition commercial airlines to ethanol fuel.

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