Bridges Programming Conversation with Karen Quinn-Tostado

Bridges Programming  Conversation with Karen Quinn-Tostado

Tune in for a conversation with Karen Quinn-Tostado. We will be live from 7-9pm and welcome your questions and comments. Karen’s “About Us” on her website states:

“I believe that the Divine Source from whence we all sprang, has been usurped, twisted, and edited so that we look without, rather than within in order to be equal and adult about who and what we are. Our entire history has been edited all along by those in power who wish to hide from us the fact that we each have our own unique umbilical cord to that same Source, regardless of what we call it….however protocol, rituals, and dogma divide us and we end up in positions where instead of actually opening our hearts and minds, we cling to the propagandized theologies that have been married to politics throughout all of our recorded history. Until we realize that we were all created equally from this same Essence, we’ll continue to point fingers at each other instead of recognizing that we are vessels for a power much greater than ourselves, working through us in every moment of our lives. And that makes the most sense to me, so I look for common ground, simplicity, and Truth… while believing in Miracles, and the vessels through which they flow….you and me!”



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