The World Beyond Belief – Creation Myths (ep. 116)

The World Beyond Belief – Creation Myths (ep. 116)

This podcast of the World Beyond Belief examines the beliefs given to us by a controlling few for the purpose of steering humanity in a direction that benefits not humanity but those who control it. In this 1st episode it takes a look at a series of creation myths from different cultures from the perspective of which of these are empowering verses disempowering. It explores the idea of choosing beliefs, and holding them lightly as opposed to accepting them without question.

Dr Paul Marko and Mindy Urken Marko air their very first podcast recorded October 6, 2013. In this continuing series, we will continue to explore various themes in ever expanding styles and motifs, followed by in depth discussion and exploration of the topics covered in the broadcast as well as what’s new on our production board. Callers are welcomed to join in our discussion to further our understanding of the strange world we live in… But know we will not enter into argumentative dialogue, nor defend our position.


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